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Skill / Technique Work

50 DUBs for time (Time)

50 DUs (Rx+ 40 DUs Unbroken, 30 UB, 20 UB)

For the Rx+ standard if you break on any set you must start over. All reps must be done consecutively without breaking.

If you don’t have doubleunders spend 10 mins working on double taps or any other progression.


Spend about 10 minutes before the EMOM working up to the weight you will use in the workout. This is your day to do heavy singles. You should have 15-10 seconds of transition time between sets. If you can’t complete the work the first 3 minutes under :45 considering scaling mid-WOD.

EMOM: 20 DUBS-10/7 HRPU-1 PC (Weight)

Every Minute on the Min for 10 mins:

20 Double unders

10/7 Hand Release Push Ups

1 Power Clean 135/95 (Rx+: 155/115)
If you cannot complete all 31/28 reps (1 set) every minute for 10 sets straight this is not considered Rx. There is no rest between sets except what you get for finishing a set before the minute expires.

Cash Out

Metcon (Weight)

3-5 sets for quality:

5 per leg Front Rack Barbell Reverse Lunges, increasing

Take these from the rack and feel free to do all reps on the left then move to the right leg or alternate.

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