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16 sets: Snatch DL, Hang Snatch, OHS (Weight)

Every 75 seconds, for 16 sets (20 minutes):

1 Snatch Deadlift

1 Hang Snatch

1 Overhead Squat

Record weight used for your heaviest set.


Total time does not include your rest.

NO REDO’s/ 6R: 25 UNBROKEN Wall Balls (Time)

If you signed up for the open partner up and perform 6 rounds of 25 unbroken wall balls (20/14) If you break during any set of Wall Balls it is not considered Rx. THERE ARE NO RE-DO’s, meaning YOU CANNOT START A SET OVER BECAUSE YOU MESS UP ON YOUR FIRST, THIRD, TENTH or TWENTY-FOURTH REP! A break is defined by any type of pause or break in momentum. This includes hitting yourself in the face. Athletes must hit the target on all 25 reps. If they miss the target they can make up those reps in the set but cannot break. Take this time to learn the points of performance for a wall ball. Consider scaling this workout to (14/10) if you can’t do 25 unbroken for more than 3 sets. The total time it takes to complete all 6 Rounds is your score for the day. This does not include your rest time.

Cash Out


Metcon (No Measure)

3 sets for quality:

10 Dumbbell Lateral Raises, slow and controlled

10 Dumbbell front raises, slow and controlled

10 Rear Delt flys, slow and controlled

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