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For Rx use the same weight for all 50 reps of each movement. Feel free to do warmup reps before officially starting your set of 50. Partner up with a member of equal capacity to maximize time and space.

Hybrid 50 (5 Rounds for weight)

50 reps per station. Complete the movements in whatever order you want but you must complete all 50 reps of one movement before moving on to the next station. You MUST keep the weight the same for each movement (no switching mid-set) however you are free to pick your own weight for each movement. Suggested loads are provided but not considered “RX”

1. 50 bench press (BW / 1/2 BW)

2. 50 back squats (BW / 75% BW)

3. 50 deadlifts (1.5xBW / BW)

4. 50 push jerks (BW / 75% BW)

5. 50 hang power cleans (BW / 75% BW)

60 minute time cap but this is not “for time”

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