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Please be on time- this is a full day of active-recovery style conditioning. You will need to set the rower for EACH INTERVAL. Coaches will also keep a running clock to manage the last 3 sets of work/rest. This is NOT a high intensity workout. Take advantage of the “easy” and “moderate” pacing. You should NOT be falling off the rower gasping after any set.

Aerobic Capacity: “Troubled” (7 Rounds for distance)

Round 1: 12min row, 3 min rest,

Round 2: 9min row, 2.5 min rest,

Round 3: 6min row, 2 min rest,

Round 4: 3min row, :90 sec rest,

Round 5: 90sec row, 1 min rest

Round 6: 45sec row, 30 sec rest,

Round 7: 30sec row,


Each row interval is its own separate event. Each interval is broken up into thirds (easy, moderate, hard). As an example, the 12 min has a 4min easy row, 4min moderate row, and a 4 min hard row. The pacing is reset after every interval. Athletes will define their easy, moderate, and fast paces. The key to this workout is the easy is EASY and the hard is HARD.

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