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Muscle-ups (3×3)

For athletes that already have Ring Muscle Ups. Take 15 minutes to find your Ring MU Max:

1 Ring Muscle Up + 2 Ring Dips

Ring Muscle Up Progression Work

• 2 Sets: False Grip Pull-Up Hangs (hang at bottom for 10 – 30 seconds)

• 2 Sets: 3 to 5 Ring Dips

• 2 Sets: 3 Ring Pull-ups (palms facing each other)

• 2 Sets: 3 Baby Muscle-Ups (slow speed)
For those that don’t have ring muscle ups


“Gut Buster” (Time)

For Time: (30 min CAP)

1 mile run

150 Situps

1000m row

150 Situps

Rest 2 mins and move straight into the cash out
There is a 30 minute cap on this workout. This is your endurance day. Reps should be scaled for athletes to complete this wod in less than 30 minutes.

Cash Out

Max Superman Hold (Time)

Max Superman Hold
Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPu-1MmjxRg

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