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Squat Clean (10×1)

Coaches will maintain the clock for the class. Athletes will perform 10 singles @ 65-75% of their 1RM squat clean. Perform a rep every 30 sec. Keep the weight consistent.

FS-KB Snatch-Lunge (Time)


Front Squats @ 95/ 65 (no rack)

Kettlebell Snatches 53/35

Front Rack Stationary Lunges @ 95/ 65

Rest 2 Mins then move directly into Backsquat Cash Out
Rx+ (Sqt/lunge- 135/95)

Time Cap: 20 mins

This is your heavy day. Go heavy or go home.

5 min max Backsquats no rack (Rx: 95/65 OR Rx+: 135/95)

5 min max Backsquats. NO RACK. You must clean/press or snatch the barbell over your head and onto your back
Athletes should use the same weight they used in the WOD. This is your heavy day.

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