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Weekly Reminders!

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Sat Partner Odd Object Relay (Time)

Share the reps but run together.

20 HSPU (scale to 10 wall walks)

300m/400m box carry

30 box jump overs (24/20)

300m/400m kettlebell farmers carry (53/35)

40 KBS (53/35)

300m/400m front or back-rack barbell carry (95/65)

50 Push Press (95/65)

300m/400m wall ball run (20/14)

60 wall balls (20/14)

300m/400m backwards run

70 pullups

300m/400m skipping run

80 burpees

Buy out: 1000/850m row

Switch off as much or as little as you want on the odd object carries.

Rx+: 400m vs. 300m, 30/24 Box Jumps, 62/44 KBS/Carry, 115/85 barbell work

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