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High Hang Clean & Jerk (1×3)

Take 12 mins to work up to a heavy triple. Okay to drop the barbell on last rep ONLY. This can be a squat or power clean and any type of jerk (split/push or power). Make sure you are not going to the mid-thigh. The high hang is only a slight dip so you won’t be able to go too heavy on this.
High-hang means upper thigh with both the hips and knees slightly bent.This is an extremely abbreviated lift, and forces a great deal of aggression and speed not just in the upward extension, but also in the change of direction at the top of the pull and the pull under the bar, and this is where its primary value lies.


Cal Row-Slam25-Run200 (6 Rounds for calories)

6 min row- record calories each set (6 total)

+ 25 ball slams (30/20lb) + 200m run

1 min rest

*keep dropping the row by 1 minute until you’ve reached 1 minute*

Reps for the ball slams and distance for the run remain the same.

Score is total calories rowed so athletes need to keep track of this after each SET during the rest period.

Cash Out

Ring Pushups (4×10)

A1. 4 x10 Ring Pushups. Superset this with the KB single arm OH / farmers carry below and make sure you are getting full range of motion.
Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8GZlHJulc8

KB Single Arm OH Farmers Carry (4 x 50ft carry)

A2. 4x50ft KB Single Arm OH (left then right) Farmers Carry (right then left) 53/35
Make sure to alternate arms every 25ft.

Single Arm OH/Farmers Carry

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