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Bench Press (5X3 @ 22×1)

Start at 50% of your 1RM Bench Press. Record your heaviest triple using tempo 22X1 for each rep:

2 second down

2 second chest hold

X explode up

1 second hold at the top before racking. Athletes should not swoop the bar into the rack without holding for 1 second at the top of the lift.


“Bike-Run-Lunge-Squat” (Time)

EVERYONE does the cash in: 12/10 calories on assault bike- ARMS ONLY. Keep your feet on the handles.

Once the athlete finishes the bike- they move straight into the workout (no rest) and the next athlete steps up to the bike to adjust and start:

3 Rounds:

300m Run (see image below for route)

40 Lunges

300m Run Backwards (see image below for route)

40 Air Squats

Rx+: Cash in: 18/15 calories on bike- ARMS ONLY then

4 rounds: 400m vs. 300m runs

*Very important clarification: Everyone will start and finish at different times because this workout is “for time” and everyone starts the bike cash in at a different time. Make sure you note your start time when you begin the bike and don’t factor the time you waited for the bike while others did the cash in into your total time.
Line up at the bike slowest to fastest runner.

300 meter running route

400 meter running route

Cash Out

Weighted Ring Dips (1X1)

find a 1RM, full range of motion – shoulder must be below elbow for Rx

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