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Gymnasty- Supine Grip Chest to Bar Pullups

5 sets of 3 Strict supine grip C2B bar pull-ups. Hold chin over bar for 2 secs, 3 sec descent, then immediately pull. Rest 1 minute between sets.
Movement Demo: https://youtu.be/KD5sx1r1JZc

Gymnasty- CTB Progression Practice


A few things may cause you to have trouble stringing kipping #ctb pull-ups

1) Do you have enough strict strength behind the pull-up?

2) Are you in the correct position at the top of skill?

3) Do you drop straight down after chest touches?

▪️VIDEO on left is drill

▪️VIDEO on right shows that slight push-away into hollow that the drill is trying to teach you


▪️Try the drill to help with:

1) Push away from bar after chest touches

2) learning how to push away with a slight hollow before heading into the arch at bottom of swing

3) Gain muscle memory & timing of skill by pausing on the box to make sure you FEEL the correct body position

Try 3x 10reps

DEMO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/crossfit.gymnastics.coach.tucker/videos/10154848830673471/


5x: Med Ball Squat Clean + UNBROKEN PP (Time)

5 rounds:

20 med ball squat cleans (20/14)

10 UNBROKEN Push Press from rack (95/65)- scale to a load you can do unbroken. This is the Rx standard. If you break during any of the 5 Push Press sets it is not considered Rx.

Med Ball Squat Clean Movement Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nk0GqeSTJs

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