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4 Sets for Quality Reps: Try to increase the load each set

10 Barbell Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squats (on bench or stacked bumpers) (5R/5L;BB) I suggest women start with an empty 35lb bar and men start with 65lb. Try and increase the weight slightly each set once you get more comfortable with the movement. Heavy backsquats are not the only way to get strong quads. For a challenge on the split squats try this modification. Do one full rep, come halfway up, go back down again, and come all the way up. That’s one rep. This significantly increases the time under tension and can be great for packing some muscle on your quads. Again, these burn. Consider yourself warned.

10 Bent Over HEAVY Rows- No “bro rows” No wild flaring chicken wing elbow positions. If it doesn’t feel like your deadlift or clean pull you are doing it wrong. Your back should not be rounded. These will help build a strong back and improve your pull in the deadlift or olympic lifts depending on positioning. To transfer to the deadlift use an aggressive pull. Approach the bar just like you deadlift. Play around with your grip including the hook grip. If you want the row to transfer to the clean or oly lifts- change your grip and use a less aggressive drive than you would with a deadlift. This is how you get comfortable hanging over the bar for a long time and builds patience before you jump in the olympic lifts.

30 Oblique Side Crunches (15R/15L). This is how you get summer abs!

-Split Squat Video: https://youtu.be/wOno7r_FmkE

-Oblique Side Crunches Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMJA332bfs0

-Bent Over Rows Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR_t1qAMVo4


KettleBell Hell (Time)

150 KB Swings

Every minute on the minute perform



Start on the burpees.

RX = 1.5/1.0

RX + = 2.0/1.5

Cash Out

Cash out: 400m lunge (Time)

400 meter walking lunge for time.

Cool Down

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