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This is your time to practice. You have up to 20 minutes to practice the snatch before the workout. Take advantage of this time and work with a coach on technique.

Warm-up (No Measure)


1. Every 2 minutes for 2 sets, 1 Muscle Snatch from Hip + 1 Power Snatch from Hip, building

2. Every 2 minutes for 2 sets, 1 Power Snatch from Hip + 1 Snatch from Hip, building

3. Every 2 minutes for 2 sets, 1 Snatch from Hip + 1 Hang Snatch, building


Coaches please work with members to determine an appropriate scale for the pushups. That could mean decreasing the number of reps, technique (from knees or hand release) or scaling the HSPU Rx+ option.

Metcon (Weight)

30 rounds OR EMOM x 30 (either is “Rx”

1 POWER snatch*** (Athletes Choice)

10 push-ups (HR okay for Rx today) (Rx+ 4 HSPU- Open Standard)

*If an athlete can complete each round in less than a minute, consistently, they should move on to the next round before the next minute starts.

**If you struggle with push-ups, treat this like an EMOM. For example, if you find yourself still working on push-ups when the minute passes, stop what you are doing and move on to the next round.

***Pick a weight that allows you to execute perfect form across all reps for the workout.

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