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Spend time thinking about what weight/distance/rep scaling you need to do to meet the time domain consistently and then attack the WOD with 90% intensity. We are not competing today. Anything over 3 mins requires your body to utilize oxygen to continue working so you will be using the Oxidative, or aerobic system today. Scale appropriately based on your level of conditioning!

Metcon (No Measure)

Top of every 4 minutes:

10 Hang Power Cleans (FLOOR)

600m run @ 90% effort

x 4 rounds

~Rest 3 minutes~

Top of every 4 minutes

10 Strict Barbell Press (RACK)

40/30 cal row @ 90% effort

X 4 rounds

The cleans and press should be done at a weight that allows good form, majority touch and go reps. These do not have to be “unbroken” but should be done fast!

Cash Out

This should be done on your own time.

400m Farmer’s Carry (Time)

Rx: 53/35lb; Rx+ 70/53 This should take athletes no longer than 6-8 minutes to complete. If not- scale the load please.

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