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Clean High-Pull (5×3 working up each set. Goal is to get to 85% 1RM)

The clean high-pull is a variation of the clean pull involving a more active upper body. The aggressiveness of the push against the ground should result in the lifter’s heels rising off the floor as the extension is completed, and this fully extended position should be maintained by maintaining pressure against the floor until the bar stops moving upward. The goal is to elevate the elbows as much as possible—focus on lifting the elbows rather than the bar in order to ensure proper movement and final position. Depending on the weight, the elbows may not actually reach maximal height, but that is always the goal. Technically, if the arms are engaged and pulling following the extension of the body in the pull, the exercise is considered a high-pull.

Movement Demo: https://youtu.be/fidmSMSa_Ag


Metcon (Time)

20 Down To 1 Row for Calories

40 Down To 2 Forward Walking Lunges (Rx+ 2×35/2×18 KB at side)

Round 1: 20 cal row + 40 walking lunges (20 per leg)

Round 2: 19 cal row + 38 walking lunges (19 per leg)

Repeat pattern above until you get to 1 cal on the rower and 2 walking lunges (1 per leg)

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