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Metcon 1

Rest 5 minutes exactly between Metcon 1 (partner row) and Metcon 2 (solo run).

Metcon (Time)

For time with a partner:

2,500/2,000 m Partner Row (switch every 500/400m)

Rest 2 minutes

2,500/2,000 m Partner Row (switch every 250/200m)

Metcon 2

Partners must use the same weight for all lifts. No averaging weights between two partners. No male/female partners.

Hybrid 50 (Weight)

With a partner:

50 Bench Press

50 Backsquats from rack

50 Deadlifts

50 Push Press

50 Power Cleans from rack

Split reps as desired. 50 total reps. Partners must use the same weights. No averaging. Add up all weights used across all sets as your total score.
Example score:

Bench: 150

Back Squat: 260

Deadlift: 350

Push Press: 185

Power Cleans: 235

Total Score: 1,180lb

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