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Spend no more than 10 minutes on the gymnastics skills below.

Gymnasty v5: Pulling Movements (No Measure)

Choose one of the following workouts based on your goals and capabilities:

Workout 1:

3 Rounds:

10-15 Lat. Activates

Rest 30 Sec

5-10 Bottom 1/2 Pull-ups

Rest 30 Sec

5-10 Top 1/2 Pull-ups

Rest 1 Min

Workout 2:

EMOM x 7:

5 Lat Activates + 5 Bottom 1/2 PU + 5 Top 1/2 PU (goal is to not break from the bar)

Workout 3:

4 Rounds:

5 Lat Activates

5 Bottom 1/2 PU with 3 Sec Hold at 1/2

5 Lat Activates

5 Top 1/2 PU with 3 Sec Hole at 1/2

5 Lat Activates

Rest 1 Min

Full movement demos and point of performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjY1xl-ddwo&t=176s

Metcon 1

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 16:

Minute 1: 100′ Bear Crawl

Min 2: Max DB/KB Overhead Hold* not to exceed 30 seconds (*As heavy as possible (AHAP) elbows lock out)

Min 3: Max DB/KB Push Press (Goal: 20 rep minimum)

Min 4: 5 Ring Pullups (Rx+: 3 Bar Muscle Ups)
Push Press: suggested weights for male/female: 35/25KB

Metcon 2

In preparation for the open— partner up. Your score for Metcon 2 will be entered into Wodify by your partner. Once you finish the 5 min AMRAP, your partner will go through the AMRAP. You will enter your partner’s score into Wodify. Don’t be afraid to no rep. Be honest on your range of motion. Help your partner pace and make sure to keep track of their reps! Have fun!

5 min AMRAP: TTB-DUBs (AMRAP – Reps)


10 K2E (RX+: 8 Toes to Bar)

30 Doubleunders
Toes to Bar: Both feet must touch the bar to count.

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