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Glute Trifecta- GO LIGHT! Might want to start out with some band walks to warmup before this cycle.

3 Rounds: break out the benches!

1. Donkey Kickbacks: 15R/15L- these should be slow and controlled.

2. 15 Reverse Hypers (on bench or plyo box) – straight leg or bent knee. These are hard- stay focused on squeezing your glutes and if you feel pain in your lower back you are doing it wrong.

3. 15 Hip Thruster/Glute Bridge (use training bars and wrap with yoga mat if this hurts your hip bones- light load) Women should be able to do around 55-65lb. Men should shoot for 95-115lb. Again- slow and controlled no kipping….

See all movements here: http://redefiningstrength.com/best-glute-exercises/


Dead Bugs (Time)

50 Rounds For Time:

1 Deadlift (225/155lb)

2 Box Jump Overs- full hip extension not required

Rx+: (275/185) Burpee Box Jumpovers

Pick your poison!
Step ups count for Rx but NOT Rx+

Cool Down

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