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Spend no more than 10 minutes on the handstand drill.

Gymnasty: Handstand Shape Drill (3x max reps)

Movement Demo: https://www.facebook.com/crossfit.gymnastics.coach.tucker/videos/10155192100543471/

Today we are trying to balance in a stacked position using a “spotter”

🔺THE GOAL: To feel active shoulders, a balance in the shoulder girdle & a stacked hollow body

▪️grab a 20’ box & grab a few heavy weights to put on top so it doesn’t move.

▪️set up box approx 18in away from wall

▪️This can be done w. box against wall & you handstand the other way – but we wanted wall for safety.


▪️Once you kick up slowly – allow one foot to come off wall and then other once forearms are pushing against box (this is for balance).

▪️Head at 45 degree angle so chin should be touching box (not forehead)

▪️”Grow Tall” by pushing toes to ceiling and feel a balance in shoulders & grip floor with fingers

🔺TRY: 3-4 sets of max hold (rest double time of hold between sets)


Spend no more than 10 minutes on the 1000m row

1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row


Metcon (No Measure)

30 min EMOM:

1) 150m Farmers Carry (1×53/35)

switch arms halfway

2) 10-16 med ball sit-ups (20/14)

3) 10-16 goblet lunges (1×53/35)

4) max double unders

5) 10-16 pushups

6) rest

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