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Spend no more than 20 minutes on this. Increase load each set. Go as heavy as possible. Rest 90 seconds between sets. Record your heaviest set.

Back Rack Reverse Lunge (5×3)

3 reps per leg- alternating. Start from the squat rack. Back knee should touch the ground on every rep. This is a knee-friendly movement. Keep the majority of the weight on the front leg.


Use your “rest” time wisely.

Metcon (Time)

Perform the following work with a running clock:

0:00 – 50 Air Squats

2:00 – Run 200m

4:00 – 20R + 20L Half Kneeling Single Arm OH Press KB/DB (44/25)

Rx+ 20R + 20L Push Jerks (Rx+ 53/35)

7:00 – 50 K2E (Rx+: T2B)

12:00 – Run 1 Mile

*Each athlete’s score is total time. If the athlete has not completed the prescribed number of reps by the minute transition mark it is not considered Rx or Rx+

Cash Out

This is on your own- outside of class time.

Metcon (Time)

4 sets:

Accumulate 1:00 Left Side plank + leg lifts

Accumulate 1:00 Right Side plank + leg lifts

30 Hanging L sit flutter kicks. Hanging from a pull-up bar.

Accumulate 1:00 superman hold

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