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This metcon will take 40 minutes exactly. If you plan to check Rx today you must do all three (3) rounds at the Rx standard. If there are more than 4 athletes doing GHD situps consider flipping the order of the rounds to accommodate equipment needs.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Round 1:

10 Minute AMRAP (Alternate Movements)

100ft Backwards Bear crawl (1 rep)

:60 Consecutive “Unbroken” (ZERO BREAKS) Handstand Hold (1 rep per 10 seconds)

*If you break the HS hold before :60 mark this is not considered “Rx” This means you must hold the hand stand for :60- no breaks. The only rep conversion is for people that end of this movement as time expires.

Rest 5 Min- record rounds + reps

Round 2:

10 Minute AMRAP (Alt. Movmts)

7-5-3 Pull Up/CTB/Bar MU*

50 Double Unders

*Any option listed is considered Rx

Rest 5 Minutes- record rounds + reps

Round 3:

10 Minute AMRAP (Alt. Movmts)

20 GHD situps (below parallel)

30 Push Ups (HR okay for Rx)

Cash Out

50 Supine Ring Rows (Time)

50 Supine Ring Rows

*Feet must be elevated in line with rings for Rx

12 Hollow Rocks every time you break

Supine Ring Row Movement Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Waj0jV1GoqQ

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