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Metcon 1

Spend no more than 20 minutes on this relay. This is an ALL OUT SPRINT! If it is raining do this relay on the rowers

Relay Run- 2 Partner (Time)

Teams of 2:

-300m Run

*Partner 1 goes, then partner 2 runs.

Repeat this cycle 4 time. You will complete 4 runs EACH (1200m) or 8 TOTAL runs

Both Partners must start on the line below- see image


Metcon 2

Spend no more than 10 minutes transitioning between Metcon 1 & Metcon 2. This means during warmup (prior to running) you should be setting up barbells for PP on rack, picking the right DB or KB weight for the death crawl and setting up your box against the wall ball wall for heavy step ups.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner “Jack-ish”

20 minute AMRAP:

10 Push Press (115/85) Rx+ (135/95)

10 Yard DB Death Crawl* (2×35-30/20-15lb) 1 rep per yard (estimate)

10 Step Ups holding 2xDB or 2xKB from Death Crawl Above (24/20)

Death Crawl DB Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4kec81FVcY

>>>>Bear Crawl = Two pushups + Two-1 arm rows + 2 steps (WATCH DEMO ABOVE)

Partition reps as desired with your partner however the bear crawl cannot be broken up. If we run out of dumbbells feel free to use (2×35/18 kettlebells)

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