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Gymnasty: AMRAP Strict Pull-ups + Ring Hold

Every 30 seconds alternating for 6 mins:

0-:30— AMRAP Strict Pull Ups- count these for your score!

:30- :60— Ring Row Hold at rings down at your hips

Your score is the number of strict pull-ups across all sets. Keep a running count.


If you aren’t doing your bodyweight TODAY- it is not Rx. This means anyone attempting to do Rx should weigh in before class. Looking for a scale- use your ideal bodyweight.

Metcon (Weight)

7 Rounds not for time:

11 Bodyweight back squats- weigh in for Rx

300M Run or 400/300M row- either option is Rx today

Goal: Hip crease below parallel on all 77 backsquats today.

Cash Out

Metcon (No Measure)

3 sets:

10 Tempo Tricep kick backs @2111

10 Tempo Dumbbell curls @2111

10 Tempo Dumbbell Z press @2111

10 Tempo Ring rows @2111

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