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Weekly Reminders!



Start the workout by running first. Run 1 minute then perform 12x jumping split lunges without making any forward progress, then back to running until you hit 2 minute mark, then perform 12x jumping split lunges, repeat until you have completed 800 or 1400 meter distance. The running pace needs to be fast or you will NEVER finish this workout. Focus on quick transitions between movements. REST 5 minutes after completing each 800/1400m interval.

1400m route

Aerobic Capacity Week of 5.1.2017 (Time)

This is a strength-endurance style workout:

1. 800m run (Rx+: 1400m), rest 5 min

2. 800m run (Rx+: 1400m), rest 5min

3. 800m run (Rx+: 1400m)

During the 1st run: 12x (6 per leg) jumping split lunges EMOM (every minute on the minute)

During the 2nd run: 9x jumping feet tuck full depth air squats EMOM

During the 3rd run: 6x max distance broad jumps EMOM.

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