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WrestleMania 2017 (Time)

A) “Tailpipe”, 3 rds (each partner) for time

Partner A: Row 250m

Partner B: Static Front Rack Double KB Hold 44/25 Rx+: 53/35

(Partners switch at the end of each row. Each partner rows 3x. Each partner performs static hold 3x. If partner sets down KBs, rowing partner must stop and both perform 4 burpees before continuing.)

Rest 5 mins, and go straight into Part B.

B) 100 push press for time 95/65 Rx+ 115/80

(Partners can split reps however they chose. One partner must be in a wall sit at all times)

Rest 3 mins and go straight into Part C

C) 500 DUBS for time (partners can split up however they chose. Single-unders count for half reps for those who are still acquiring the double under skill)

NO REST. Go straight into part D

D) 2 rds for time:

26 alternating partner burpees

50 alternating partner sit ups. In between reps, hold at the top, not bottom.

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