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3x: Pull-PUSH-SIT-CLIMB-RUN (3 Rounds for reps)

3 ROUNDS: (200m run after each movement NOT ROUND)

1:00 SDLHP 95/65 (RX+: 120/85)

1:00 HR Push Up (RX+: HSPU)

1:00 Abmat Sit Up (Rx+: GHD situps to parallel okay for Rx+)

1:00 Rope Climb (Rx+: Legless rope climbs)

*Each round is 8 mins*

Score is max reps at each movement. Each Rope climb is worth 5 reps. There is 1 minute of rest between each movement, which during the rest an athlete runs 200 meters. If the athlete does not return, they will simply have less time to execute the next movement. Scaling the distance of the run is a smart scale for this workout. 🙂

Cash Out

6 Pack Attack (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds: (TABATA; 20secs on; 10secs off)

8 Fast V-Ups

15 Tuck Crunches

30 sec Hollow Rocks

30 sec Superman

Rest 1min into Max Bridge Hold (plank on elbows) *be sure to use the rest between the crunches and hollow rocks because those 30secs get really hard. 😉

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