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“Murph Prep ” Coaches will set the clock to run down from 26 mins. (4 min Tabata + 2 min rest + 20min amrap)

“Who Killed Cindy?” (AMRAP – Reps)

Bodyweight Tabata Deadlifts (20 sec work/20 sec rest)

Record your reps during your 2 minute rest.

20 AMRAP: “Strict-Goblet Cindy”

(Cindy: 5/3 STRICT Pull-ups + 10 Push-ups + 15 GOBLET Squats (1 KB: 44/25) = 30 reps per round)

Your score for the workout is the total number of tabata deadlifts + the total numbers of modified “cindy” reps. (30 reps per round) If you are not doing strict pull-ups please do not click the Rx button.
This is not considered Rx if your chin does not clear the bar on Pullups or if your chest doesn’t touch the flor on push-ups. HR Push-ups okay for Rx.

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