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Max Height (Inches) SEATED Box Jump (Weight)

Two things you want to improve your need for speed and confidence with this movement: 1. Land Soft 2. Quality Reps- these are not meant to do fast or at a high volume. This is an opportunity for you to work on your explosive power. You need speed to bring your strength to new levels and the quickest way to develop explosive power is with the box jump. Athletes should do these from a bench or stacked bumpers. Share the boxes and do no more than 10 reps in total. No option to score height in wodify so just enter your height in the weight field in inches.

Rx+: Add weighted vest or dumbbells but keep them at your side not in front rack or above your head!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmKH-dh9XAE
Enter score in inches and in comments.


Coaches start clock on the 800m run. Athletes pay close attention to start and end times each round.

ABC- 800m + 3RFT + 2RFT + 7-5-3 (3 Rounds for time)

Cash In: 800m run (note time) move immediately into…

Part A: 3 RFT

10 KBS (53/35)

10 Box Jumps (24/20) Step Ups not Rx

10 Thrusters (95/65)

Rest 2 Mins

Part B: 2 RFT

21 OHS (95/65)

21 CTB Pullups

21 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

Rest 2 mins then…

Part C: For Time


Wall Walks

Overhand GRIP ONLY* Deadlifts (275/185)

*If you mix grip the deadlift this is NOT Rx!
DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR REST TIME IN YOUR SCORE EACH ROUND. Part A is Round 1. Part B is Round 2, Part C is Round 3.

Cash Out

50 Barbell Situps for Time (Time)

50 reps for time (45/35)

Movement Demo: https://youtu.be/sq32HfrHMxk

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