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Skill / Technique Work

Pullup Complex: EMOM 6 (No Measure)

EMOM x 6

Odd: 2 Negatives with a 3 sec hold with chin over bar (the top) AND 1 strict Pull Ups AND 2 Kipping Pull Ups

Even: 10 Sec Hollow Hold with PVC (Shoulder blades off the ground) with 3 second rest between holds.

-Scale 1: 3 Negatives and 2 pull ups with feet on box using barbell in rack.

-Scale 2: 3 Negatives on Ring and 4 ring rows

-RX+: 3-4 Weighted Pull ups or L-Sit Pull Ups
Rx+: Note weight in comments if doing weighted pull-ups


5x: Med Ball Clean + UNBROKEN PP (Time)

5 rounds:

20 med ball cleans (20/14)

10 UNBROKEN Push Press from rack (95/65)- scale to a load you can do unbroken. This is the Rx standard. If you break during any of the 5 Push Press sets it is not considered Rx.

Cash Out

1 Mile Run (Time)

Run at 75% effort. This is not a max efforr run. It is a cool down run.

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