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Skill / Technique Work

Time cap for pullup work is 10 minutes!

Beginner Pullup Complex (5×9)

5 rounds not for time:

-1, 3-second static hold with chin over bar

-3 strict pull-ups

-5 kip swings

If necessary, use a band to complete the first two movements. To begin the static hold, jump or execute a strict pull-up to get the chin over the bar. Once there, begin the 3-second hold ensuring the chin is not resting on the bar. If using a band, place the feet into the band, then execute a pull-up to get the chin over the bar. After the static hold, stay on the bar and execute the strict pull-ups ensuring the arms are completely straight at the bottom. Continue to stay on the bar to execute the 5 kip swings using the shoulders and lats to press into the bar to keep the movement controlled. If using a band for the strict pull-ups, come out of the band before practicing the kip swings.

Intermediate Pullup Complex (5×15)

5 rounds not for time:

-3 weighted pull-ups

-5 strict pull-ups

-7 kipping pull-ups

For weighted pull-ups find a weight that allows the athlete to execute 3 consecutive pull-ups before moving to the strict unweighted pull-ups.

Rx Pull Up Complex (3×20)

3 rds not for time:

5 Strict Pull Ups

5 Kipping Pull Ups

5 Butterfly Pull Ups

5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

– Goal is Unbroken straight through, scale reps if needed

* Rest as needed b/t rds- scale as needed

Fight Gone Bad with a Twist (Time)

“Fight Gone Bad with a Twist”

3 Rounds of:

25 Wall Balls 20/14#

25 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls 45/35#

25 Box Jumps 20″

25 Push Press 45/35#

25 CAL Row

*Rest 1 minute after each round.


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