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Weekly Reminders!

1. Regular hours Monday- MLK Day

2. Register for the 2017 Crossfit Open here: https://games.crossfit.com/


Max OH Yoke (BB) Carry- 25ft (3×1 @ 25ft)

Athletes have 3 tries to perform a max load Overhead Yoke (barbell) Carry for 25 feet. Do not rest more than 2 mins between sets. Coaches will set up 2 squat stands on opposite ends of the room. Rack the barbell on the squat stand and have the athlete press it overhead however they can and carry it from one side of the room to the other (25ft) overhead. Record heaviest carry.

Skill / Technique Work

Do purple banded GHDs between OH Yoke Carry Sets or as part of the warmup

Glute-Ham Raises (3×6-8 Purple Band!!!! )

banded glute ham raises

banded glute ham raises

banded glute ham raises


CF Mainsite 161227 (Time)

3 rounds for time:

-Run 800 meters

-30 GHD sit-ups

-30 GHD hip extensions.

Rx+ 5 rounds for time (40 min CAP!)

Coaches: Keep the warmup simple and short.
Rx+ athletes should allocate 40 mins for this workout

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